Faith, Myrrh, more FIMO: Set and Heru-Wer

My creativity seems to be upsurging at the moment. Take a look at the title of this blog – even that rhymes!  

I am writing again, poetry and verse mainly, and contemplating the tools at my disposal as an artist that has “dipped” into many disciplines. (I am a trained actor, but also paint, sculpt, and write: I have been published as a Fitness Journalist).

I put this down to settling into a new home that I am very happy with, meditating and exploring my purpose upon the earth, sitting in my Shrine Room more often, vibrational healing and reading some cool books. Having some extra time to myself as clients take their time returning from vacation may also be a factor.

My olfactory senses have always been rather acute, and using aromatherapy in meditation has yielded some great results for me of late.

I had put some myrrh in my nostrils last night after a contemplation with Set on my altar. I had juniperberry and sandalwood going in my diffuser and the entire effect was very pleasant.
I do believe that the myrrh in my nose today gave me some insights and a feeling of well being that I have not had for a while. I am certain that myrrh is “Set’s scent” and have a feeling that frankincense is Heru’s.
Myrrh forming on a Commiphora myrrha tree trunk

Faith, belief, knowing . . . and where I stand
After a visit from a Christian friend, reading another Kemetic blog and some other material, the matter of faith and what I believe is on my mind somewhat.

When trying to articulate the absolute I reference Netjer. That I know of the existence of Netjer is a better statement for me in contrast to saying that I believe that Netjer exists.

I do not wish to articulate, at this time, how. If I was asked to “prove” it, I might answer, “look around”. If I was speaking to someone that also has this or a similar understanding, I may feel comfortable enough to have a greater discussion on the subject where indeed I explained why I know, and some points and events that have led me to this conclusion.

As I delve deeper into my relationship with Netjer, which ultimately is the  on for this blog, I am coming to some new understandings. imately si tehre  some things that have led me or that I wanted to hreason for this blog, I am coming to some new understandings.

I think that where the Divine is located is hard for us humans to access, and thus a series of specific initiations are necessary in order to reach that place. Years ago, I would have scoffed at this as an “elitist” concept, but I make the statement because I feel that the frequency that Netjer vibrates / exists at is so disparate to ours that a retune of our senses - if not our being - is in order.

Does this mean we can not access Netjer without an intermediary? No. But it may mean that we need to be aware of projecting our own personalities or human concepts on what are, ultimately, not human beings or concepts.
I do not think my FIMO work is brilliant (I mean, have you seen Jeff Cullen’s work?), but have had expressions of admiration from peeps reading the blog.

One such person is a House Of Netjer devotee, and I have made a Heru-Wer for her. I do not consider it perfect, but do think that a piece of the Great God could inhabit it on her shrine if she so wanted.

I made the main pieces on His festival dates earlier this year (unbeknownst to me).

I also have made this little Set animal figure.

I have been reading Don Webb’s “Seven faces of darkness” which features Set depicted as Ass-headed on the cover. Many of the rituals in the book came from a time (late period and into the Roman – Grecian) when Set – Typhon was depicted more like this than the traditional Kemetic animal.

I think that the piece I have created reflects this.

I intend getting better with my sculpture as time goes by.

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