Dua Netjer!

Dua Netjer!

Dua means "hail" or "praise" and is a way of saying "Praise be the Gods!"

This post - my second "D" for the Pagan Blog Project - is to mark a recent initiation that I experienced (or technically 4 of them) in an ALL LOVE workshop led by Patrick Zeigler.

I experienced the Sekhem energy entirely through my Kemetic understandings. It was as if the computer program of my "meat machine" (the new name I give my body :-) ) that processes how I cognate and integrate energy and spirituality concepts was Kemetic software. And so I found myself awash in an array of Kemetic symbols and concepts for the entire two days.

But the most profound part was experiencing the Netjeru in some form or another. And so my post today is to praise them for their part in my life, and honour the Ones that appeared as part of that weekend so recently.

Dua Netjer!

Dua Set!

Dua Atum!

Dua Amon-Ra, Dua Heru!

Dua Sekhmet! Dua Khepera!

Dua Aton, Dua Nekhbet, Dua Udjat!

Dua Aset! Dua Neith!

Dua Maat!

Dua Djehuty, Dua Anpu!

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