A wonderful articulation / musings on my non-religious approach to Kemeticism

After scouring Helmsman Of Yinepu's new look blog, I came across this superb articulation of honouring and relating to Netjer that very closely resembles my thoughts and approach to the subject: it is by Richard Reidy and is found on the FAQ to his Kemetic Temple site.

If you have been following my blog you will know that I do not consider myself religious and do not subscribe to a religion or religious organisation as such. I have an in built religion avoidance mechanism. (I believe that there is a reason for this which I will articulate in a post one day further down the track). I refer to my interactions with Netjer as my "Kemetic Practice".

I do however consider Mr. Reidy to be one of my teachers. I use his "Eternal Egypt" book as part of my (non-religious) Kemetic practice.

The same can be said of Reverend Siuda. "The Egyptian Prayerbook" is another cornerstone of my practice. I can only barely contemplate the devotion and love that she has for Netjer when I think about what it must take to establish a religion and community.

And seeing as I am mentioning teachers and books of theirs that I use in my practice there is also Don Webb. "The Seven Faces Of Darkness" also figures in my practice these days as I understand and work with magick more.

I am certainly grateful for my teachers and one day, hope to gain audience with them. They are on my list of people I want to meet before I am done here.

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