Exploring Netjer Today

“Exploring Netjer Today” is the subtitle of the header of this blog, indicating it's purpose and what it is about. This post is also my second “E” post for the Pagan Blog Project.

Almost a year ago I began the blog with  a post about the momentum of a new wave of spiritual unfolding and consciousness unfolding in my life again. My journey has taken me ever deeper into the realms of Netjer, and the blog is here as a testament for those interested in how I documented most of the journey.

One of the major things to emerge for me has been how to bring into understanding in this age and this time just Who and What Netjer is. Or, to reference the title of this post and blog again, Who are They today? How do They apply?

The mass  re-emergence of Ancient Egyptian phenomena occurred in the 1920’s so powerfully that the term “Egyptomania” was coined. Primarily as a result of the world’s fascination with the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, this was the first time in the modern era that Egyptbecame such a world focus en masse. (Check out this Vanity Fair pictorial where you can see a series of American theatres that took up an Egyptian theme from that era and that still exists today). The Egyptomania period came only a century after we were able for the first time in almost 2000 years to be able to accurately read Egyptian hieroglyphs, thanks to the decipherment of the Rosetta Stone in 1822.

Artistic and cultural expressions are further explored throughout this blog with external recognitions (like this colossal statue of Anpu for example ) and my own artistic explorations so I don’t want to recover that ground again here in this post; what I am truly interested in is How the Netjeru manifest today, globally, and how can that bring meaning to today’s era? How do we integrate, embrace, and understand Netjer in our current era?

In a trip to New Zealand last year I enjoyed some kayaking in the exceptional mountains of that beautiful place. I found myself wondering, “Can I find Netjer here, in the lofty trees and crystals waters of this place so far from Egypt, and how do I find it manifesting if so?” (A blog I came across as part of the Pagan Blog Project expressed an interesting point about the Kemetic Gods being "too local", which I found just as I was writing this post)

The short answer is yes. I sense Netjer in essence in situations like this, but perhaps without the “gear” that designates Netjer as Kemetic as such. The sky over the landscape I was enjoying in NZ was still Nut, but maybe without the Kemetic flavour of the starry body, the stylised eyes and the other representations that define Nut for us in Egyptian art. But in essence indeed it was still Nut!

Is it then to be argued that this was not Nut, but the Maori goddess equivalent? Perhaps for a Maori person, yes.

What I am finding is that as I immerse myself in the World of The Great Ones, I begin to experience phenomena through Their framework. This framework has given me “software” for understanding and grasping spiritual concepts that I might not have otherwise. This is the software that I am programmed with, and so this is how I relate to and interpret the data of the world as it comes by.

The immersion I speak of still involves my version of Senut, my approach and interaction with Netjer at Shrine, and increasingly these days, magick.

So with my “Kemetic software”, how do I deal with modern technology and life as it has evolved in this era? I refer to the works of R.A. and Isha Schwaller de Lubicz* whom documented well the “grand plan” that the ancients expressed through the monuments bequeathed to us from the civilisation of Kemet. Where are we now, in this grand plan? Did the grand plan reveal that the Netjeru would essentially disappear for a couple of thousand years to re-emerge in a strange epoch where we are still struggling to understand the most basic of spiritual concepts, let alone the sophisticated and highly evolved thought of that previous epoch?

Part of my exploration of Netjer today has found me exploring modern takes on Egyptian art, religion, thought and even notions of medicine and approaches to aromatherapy for example. Reading blogs of those that consider themselves worshippers, interested parties and devotees of Netjer is also included. Good, bad, or indifferent, I have observed something here, along with many other phenomena of mystery that seems to be emerging:

The underlying sense is that a Great Unknown is trying to make itself manifest now, in a way that it did not – and perhaps could not have – before. Expressions of the Netjeru are a part of this.

When I seek answers to the grand questions of who we are and why we are here, the answer I get – never complete, never a real answer, but more a clue – is always Kemetic. And usually a Netjer or reference to One. Why this happens is in and of itself a mystery, but it is one that has spurred me on, taking me this far.

That Divine Pantheon that we call the Netjeru has delivered It’s software; and I, in my new epoch meat machine and with my haphazardly assembled soul parts, am looking to understand just Who the software creators are, and who am I in relation to Them.

I think that that understanding and assimilating of it is complex. Maybe the software we possess now is different to the ancients? Maybe we have devolved?

I am looking forward to another year of sharing my explorations with you my readers, and let’s see if we can make sense of more of this enigmatic phenomenon that are our human lives. As I continue to explore Netjer today, I will definitely post what I deem appropriate.

*The two Her Baktomes go into the concept of the spiritual “mission” of each epoch and relate it primarily to the astrological eras that civilisation has moved through in a fictional account of an initiate's journey from the outer to inner temple

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