Falcon Headed One


You of the falconiform manifestations,

Reveal Yourself to me

In all your Divine might!

A beautiful man, warrior, healer, god,

Your many forms all speak

Of the Netjerhood to which

You belong, and from whence You came.

As Heru-Sa-Aset and Heru-Wer

You are the mysterious uncle and son

Separate but also One,

Children of the Sun.

As Hor-Behdety

You are the Winged Disk

As Sopdu and Sokar

Your stellar nature is revealed.

In Montu and Antewy

Your Other nature

Has come forth.

Your avian majesty speaks to me

And tells me that I too can grow wings.

Lord Heru You are my Ba.

May I be a glorious manifestation for you!

This poem and my painting is
an offering to Lord Heru;
it is also my "F" submission for the
Pagan Blog Project

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