Much information is being drawn to my attention now pertaining to the concept of frequency, and how “vibrating” at the right frequency is the key to better health, happiness and ultimately the unfoldment and progression along a spiritual path. It is for the latter reason that this post serves as my second “F” submission for The Pagan Blog Project.

Kevin T and The Law Of Attraction

In a rather spectacular CD series by Kevin Trudeau that is essentially about the Law Of Attraction, he goes into specifics about how our feelings and thoughts generate energy that is sent into the world like signals and thus attracts similar situations, people or things that match that vibration. Over 12 CD’s I got to hear about various examples of how this has been used over the years by various secret societies of the world.

I had recently purchased the book “The Secret”, and found that the abovementioned CD info gave a more in depth presentation of The Law Of Attraction with some solid techniques that I have begun putting in place. Perhaps the buying of the book (suggested by one of my teachers) and the subsequent reading of it raised my vibration in a way that attracted the CD set into my life (also sourced and sent to me by the same teacher!! Thank you Peter!)

Raising my vibe

The quotes and phrases below have been laminated and put up at key places in my home in a bid to raise and keep my frequency high.

I have actually carried this around on a little plastic flashcard for some years in my wallet: only now does it really make sense

This last quote, which is from a channelled entity called Abraham, had a coincidence with an issue in my life where I was really not enjoying one of the venues I contract for. No matter who I discuss this particular venue with, this building (and in particular a certain room) seems to be most unpleasant to work and be in. The clientele that frequent the venue seem to be very at home there, and are particularly obnoxious when actually in that room. I have observed the same folks elsewhere and there behaviour is no where near as pronounced. My assessment is that the room has a “bad”,  low frequency and I have since quit most of my contracts there.

The channellings of Lyssa Royal

This is not the first time I have considered frequency as a concept. In the 90’s, I was very tuned in to the work of Lyssa Royal, a channel that facilitated information by beings claiming to be extraterrestrial. They spoke about frequency in terms of density, and say that their world is like ours but exists at a different density that vibrates faster than ours.

Her and another entity called Bashar really got me open to the fact that maybe what we need is right there but we just can’t see it yet, having not raised our frequency enough to do so.

I met Lyssa in the 90's when I attended one of her conferences in Melbourne; she is a really nice lady! I have read most of her books


So if it is all about frequency – there is no real good or evil, just vibration – where does that leave us?

Free of slavery I expect. Free of fulfilling another’s wish or submitting to a particular dogma, and the very real reality of facing one’s own truth. Well, that is my thinking on it now.

Is it really as simple as looking at a palette and exploring the different colours therein, and painting your world with the ones you like? This is what I am beginning to suspect.


I wonder if Netjer is the name we give super beings that vibrate at supernova frequencies beyond our comprehension? What we know and understand of them – so carefully preserved and protected for us by the dear ancients and revealed to us through the hard work of dedicated Egyptologists – is the most physical expression that we can know in this dimension, in physical form.

I do know that They like images of Themselves to be erected around the place. They emanate through Their statues and paintings. I am certain that the ancient texts also hold their own frequency that initiates a greater vibration when they are read.

Netjer and Senut

I performed a Senut last weekend, and a curious physical vibration related phenomena occurred subsequently to it.

During the Senut, interaction occurred with some Netjeru that are not normally “in my crew” so to speak, and it appears that these Netjeru are very much associated with the re-emergence of Netjer into the modern world today. (I have observed from posts on various Kemetic boards that These Two are like the heralds, the initiators).

During the interaction, a Netjer that I have often noticed “around” on the periphery of my awareness over the years was mentioned. She did not step into the Senut arena herself, but I was made aware that she has a role to play in my unfolding further down the track.

I have taken to using a scrying bowl in my magickal practice and had one set up for the Senut as a means of communication for Netjer should They require it. It is a clear glass bowl with water and oil in it. During the Senut, nothing appeared. I left it on my altar.

The next day when I came back into my Shrine Room to clean up / remove offerings, incense etc, I glanced into the bowl, and there She was:

This image is unmistakenbly vulture! To me, unmistakeably Nekhbet!

It is the head of a vulture. And indeed, it was Nekhbet that I was referring to above!

A week later the pattern remains. I don’t want to move it. The vibrations that formed this image are in my mind, Divine.

And I think this a most fitting way to end a discussion on frequency.

Dua Nekhbet! Dua Netjer!

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