This post is about a recent practice that I have begun.

Every morning and every evening (theoretically) I write on a piece of notepaper what I am grateful for. Most days it is grand, universal and epic stuff, and others I write about smaller, personal things unique to me.

The practice has a twofold effect: it makes me stop and think about all the things I take for granted and really feel appreciation for them, and it also helps to raise my frequency to a higher vibe where I am appreciating and loving, more than, well, bitchin’ and hatin’.

I could get all the paper notes that contain each gratitude offering off of the Plinth where I currently rest them and tell you all the things that I am grateful for; but I would rather that you think about all the things that you are grateful for in your own life, and how gratitude might affect your devotional or magickal (or both) practices.

This post is my first “G” submission for the Pagan Blog Project.

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