Immortality – Of The Physical Kind: Part 1

My life goal and life path is to keep my body from not aging, decaying, and dying: i.e. physical immortality.

 I do not believe that the body needs to die. When I have mentioned this in the past some folks have thought I am talking about a meditation or awareness state where consciousness continues after death.  That is not what I mean. I mean the body not corrupting and dying. I am talking a real “put-the-funeral-home –out-of-business-I-ain’t-dying” thing here.

I intend to remain in my physical body and keep it in a fresh, active, and fully operative state until such a time as I learn to master ascension, or translation, or dematerialization. This body is not going in to a coffin to become worm food, nor into the furnace to make dust.

In the same way that my recently discovered fellow seeker / traveller Drew Jacob has meeting the Gods Themselves as his ultimate goal, mine is - and has been for the larger part of my life - physical immortality.

But we all die, don’t we . . . ?
Not everyone that has lived on this earth died when they left, and in fact some could still be here in a very physical and present way. Susan Shumsky’s excellent book, “Ascension” explores this in greater detail. It is my goal to reach this state also.

Our consensus reality considers that death is part of the endless cycle of birth and rebirth, but I think there is evidence that this was not the case for everyone. The proof for my belief is stacked way out of my favour, so I have tended to very much keep my thoughts on this subject to myself. But I did promise back in my first post that this very topic would be broached!

Finding the path: The Lion Path
Much of my fascination around and with physical immortality has centred in Kemetic belief and understanding.

In the 1990’s I came across a book and system of “self generation for these times” called “The Lion Path” which had “You Can Take It With You” as a subtitle. I began the journey on November 7th 1990. (This was categorised as the -1 session where you “take your vow”; -1? The author / discoverer / pioneer of the system is also a mathematician so unusual numerical concepts are abound in the process).

This is the cover of a later edition of The Lion Path, which replaced the subtitle mentioned above with "The big picture"

I had already been trying to find a system or way to somehow actualise my feelings and theories about physical immortality (Part 2 will cover this) but this was the first that I had come across which focused on the concept with a shamanic process that went along with it.

I discovered the book in a now closed metaphysical bookstore in my hometown Adelaidewhen I visited there with my friend Jason. I had a dream about this and at time of writing this post can’t recall if said dream came before or after the event: Jason and I were wandering around a place that seemed old, but was well preserved, and featured much water either as flowing streams in a network of ponds or as a means of transport.

There was a massive lions head there and we looked inside and found Egyptian hieroglyphs etched on the inside of the mouth. I was unable to decipher them, but the dream itself was an omen relating to the Lion Path.

The book itself featured on its cover a statue of King Tutankhamun and a star emitting a ray into the statue forehead. This alone intrigued me, and I bought it then and there.

The book discussed the three paths available to the incarnating soul as interpreted from data found in tombs and manuscripts from Ancient Egypt:

  • The hippo path – where one expired upon death
  • The cow path – where one was reincarnated
  • The lion path of immortality and becoming one with the starry beings of heaven

The author, Musaios, was actually Charles Muses, a higher dimensional mathematician, academic, and human consciousness pioneer that was producing this very esoteric material under that pseudonym.

The process itself involved a period that spanned a number of years of aligning yourself at certain times with star powers and listening to sounds that are essentially frequencies that massage the brain and facilitate the opening of doors to higher consciousness. The goal is the birth of the immortal body, the Ka Djet.

I believe that we are born with all our soul bodies dormant within us (the next post discusses this concept in more detail) but activating them is the tricky part. The Lion Path addressed this. It would not surprise me if some of the pyramids were built specifically for this purpose.

Musaios had developed the system based on manuscripts from many Ancient Egyptian sources, as well as his great understanding of number and destiny.

Undertaking the process was no mean feat. It involved fasting on the days the sessions took place, making sure that you were not going to be distracted (so I ended up taking the days off work and often travelling in to the countryside and staying overnight in order to execute the process effectively for most of the sessions) and effectively treating the days that the sessions occurred as sacred. I stayed with the process right until the scheduled end of my round.

I was still keeping diaries at that stage of my life before dropping off from that practice, and they reveal varying feelings and states when approaching and undergoing the sessions. In an entry related to the Mars session I write that it was powerful and euphoric.

I can not say that I had spectacular shamanic experiences throughout the process, but did on occasion find signals that fortified in my mind what I was doing. These would take the form of seeing a sole falcon on one occasion, and a series of butterflies on another.

I did get confirmation from an oracle late in the process confirming that I was building a light body.

In subsequent years, I very much had a sense – and often a strong one – that I had access to higher dimensional soul bodies that were still germinating. I also think that various pivotal events in my life were generated from undertaking the process.

Part 2 explores the origins of my fascination with physical immortality, how it manifests in my life now, and how it relates to another life goal of mine: articulating soul anatomy.

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