Immortality – Of The Physical Kind Part 2

In Part 2 of my post on Immortality I look at the origins of interest in the topic and how it manifest in my life today. Part 1 can be found here.

A triptych of Catholic fascination
As a child, the one thing that was outstanding to me in the teachings of the Catholic Church was that Jesus resurrected. The fact that he ascended afterwards came a very close second.

I wondered over this when I was old enough to understand death, and am sure I bugged the nuns at school about it too. The raising of Lazarus from the dead by Jesus did not escape my attention either, and Mary’s assumption completed the triptych of fascination that I grew up trying to figure out.

The otherwise dreary and fun-stopping Catholic clergy made no mistake in emphasising that Jesus did not die, but “rose up to heaven”.  This stuck in me way, way after I shunned my Catholic upbringing and began looking along new avenues.
Early explorations
I began reading about "ascended masters”, primarily through the Theosophists, but also through channelled material.

I became fascinated with Ramtha and although I still can’t fathom to this day why he needs / wants to use a channel for communicating with us, still find his teachings pertinent, relevant, and very compelling. (Ramtha has just re-entered my life via a client who is close friends with the people associated with his chapter in Australia; I have told her to tell them that I want to see him in his REAL, ascended, physical form).

I came across a physical immortality group (that looked like they were evolving a religion at the time) called the “Eternal flame”. Now known as  People Unlimited , I hung with those guys for a while, but there was a lack of “how to” that ended up putting me off. The mystical element to physical immortality is a vital component I feel and they did not seem to acknowledge that one existed. Were they simply “wishing” death away? Was their take a form of “positive thinking” that would prevent the body aging and decaying and ultimately reposing? (I have not reacquainted myself with these guys in immediate times so they may have indeed – I am simply reporting how I found the group in the early 90’s).

The multi dimensional element and explanation of frequencies that I was looking for came through channelled ET entity Bashar via Daryl Anka and also the work of Lyssa Royal, and whilst physical immortality per se was not their “thing”, the picture they were painting was a lot more accommodating of the concept and made sense to me. Lazaris also had some interesting things to say on the topic.

Kemetic Soul Anatomy
By the time the Lion Path came round I was already researching the anatomy of the soul as understood by Ancient Egypt.

I had created a visualisation cassette that utilised the energy body of the Ka to help affect physical transformation and well being.

The more I explored the more I realised that modern psychology was naming “parts of the soul” that the Egyptians were already aware of. My conclusions in this area are not yet complete, but I suspect that what we call “mind”, “personality”, "ego” subconscious”, and “unconscious” may have Kemetic correlations.

I think that we as humanity operate various multiple parts of the soul for various functions and situations but ultimately, focusing them into one will lead us toward manifesting Netjerhood.

Most recently, I have become aware of “Flames” associated with various Netjeru and how these relate to us, our soul parts, and our evolution. I believe that ultimately all this leads to an incorruptible physical body.

Latest manifestations: Necromancy, Catholic Saints, and now
I have discovered more work by the mysterious Dr. Muses, found out via author Susan Shumsky about Catholic saints whose bodies whilst dead, have not corrupted (i.e. they remain in a state of non-decay after death) and look with interest into people that come forth with claims of understanding necromancy.

The body of Saint Joaquina de Vedruna in a glass coffin, found to be incorrupt by the Catholic Church. (b. April 16, 1783 – d. August 28, 1854). Source: Wikipedia

For my part currently, I do not look my age. People that knew me many years ago and have made my acquaintance again recently are a little taken aback. I feel that my meditation processes are part of the reason why, but I also eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

I also actively lie about my age: not using “die” or “death” as part of my vocab when referring to my body or self has helped immensely,

Because there is evidence of entropy everywhere, I consider physical immortality a diamond not readily apparent; the secret societies most likely know some of its secrets; the Egyptians knew too, I am certain of that.

As I continue further along this path, I would love to hear from anyone else with a similar mindset. I also am keen to see what you readers think about all this too.

One of my favourite films, "Immortal", saw the Netjeru Anpu and Bast return to earth in a pyramid spaceship to give Heru one last fling at freedom before incarcerating him forever

This post is my second "I" post for the Pagan Blog Project

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