Joan Lansberry

My two letter J posts are both about artists connected with Netjer that I have made acquaintance with over the internet. Both have made a difference to my artistic and spiritual life.

This week:

Joan Lansberry
I came across Joan’s work through an internet search when I was looking for information about Set. I was really to hit pay dirt here as Joan has compiled one of the most thorough documents I have come across to date that centres on Set’s depiction through Ancient Egyptian history. Her constantly evolving and added to PDF is a veritable gold mine of information and images of Set that often included her own sketches and artwork.

In August of last year I featured this poem that she authored:

Set's Power

"I am that I am,
I exist,
I roar,
I AM!"
(Roaring loudly!)
Who can behold it and still live?
Who can know the power and remain unchanged?

Can you know it surging within you?

"I am that I am,"
(They stole that phrase from me!)

Going down into terror,
into the fiery furnaces of creation itself,
the anvil, the fire, the tempered steel,
terror awaits those who lack understanding.

This is not a one way exit.
Each departs to his own understanding.
Some carry a bit of the fire with them as they go.
Kissed by the flames,
they are changed and have a secret knowledge.

To their own creation, they may apply such as they are able.

JAL, 9-9-07

I also found her depictions of the Beautiful God appealing. I am sometimes critical about modern interpretations of Netjer, but love her expressions and downloaded a few images and used them on my desktop for ages. The image below is probably one of my favourites.

Joan’s Egyptian Inspired Art Gallery can be found here.

I believe that looking at Joan’s work inspired my dormant artistic abilities and in a way that I can not explain has been a part of the inspiration for me to paint again. The very first painting I did after many, many years having never lifted a brush was indeed of Set.

Joan’s work was the first to alert me to the Temple Of Set. Whilst I am not a member, I have found many, many inspirations and pathways since I began looking into this mystery school. I discovered the books of Don Webb, the works of Michael Aquino, and the KHPR radio station where I have found some interesting podcasts.

Joan’s art, writings, and insights about the Great Netjer Set have resonated with me in a deep way. I feel that she does indeed understand the Great One.

Joan’s blog and her Facebook posts portray a person in love with life and a deep understanding and respect of Netjer.

Joan is on my list of people I want to meet when I travel back to Americaagain.

I thank Netjer for Joan Lansberry and her talent.

The artist herself!

Joan’s one stop collection of Set images can be found here.

Detail about her forthcoming book, Images of Set: Changing Impressions of a Multi-faceted God can be found here

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