A Snapshot In Time Of My Life In June 2012

It is a cold morning on the official second day of winter in Melbourne. I left living in the tropics almost 6 years ago now, and usually at this time I am belligerently surrendering to the bleakness of the months that lay ahead.

Not today:

Amun Ra sits upon my easel, His portrait began last night. His Presence  . . . around.

The superb richness of the film “Prometheus” – which I was invited to see in a media screening last night – still floods my consciousness.

This image from the film “Prometheus” captures the rich art of the sci fi genre in an astounding way
Occasionally I get a Saturday morning off and I like to spend it wiling my way through the blogs I subscribe to on the internet and when it takes me, replying and contributing to a thoughtful or synchronous post.

“Sekhmet’s myths – a difficult story” is both, and comes from Sobeq,  a writer who is priest with the Kemetic Orthodox faith.

As referenced in my reply to the post, “Daily life of the Egyptian Gods” is a book I am reading right now, and trying to understand the myths of the Netjeru handed down to us from antiquity is challenging.

I think the Kemetic civilisation is much older than we currently believe, and we know from translated writings that their thought processes were “different” to ours. This of course is an understatement, but research by authors such as R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz have highlighted that “pharaonic thought” is so different to our modern rationale that trying to understand the ancients by intellect alone is virtually fruitless. Or put another way, if we wish to truly plumb the depths of the richness that that civilisation bequeathed us, we need to understand it in an entirely different way.

How to do this though? Through the intelligence of the heart, that they write of? Shamanically? What does that mean? Intuitively?

More and more I am finding that my way of understanding is through artistic expression. If you look back through the earliest posts on this blog you can see signs of this emerging with my FIMO sculptures and writing. Earlier this year I began painting and this has really taken a life of its own (see my paintings here).

How grateful I am to be alive and conscious in a world right now as we enjoy high forms of art and artistic expression. Kemetic art – including sculpture, writing and paintings, jewellery, metallurgy, architecture – represents (to me) the highest that has been on the earth so far.

The story of the film “Prometheus”, perhaps a myth in the making (the “Alien” films - to which the latter is a prequel - have created a mythos all their own) has its own version of who our Gods are and what they were up to millennia ago (and it is not entirely pleasant). Contemplating this brings to the fore an examination of who we humans are and what we are doing here in a spectacular science fiction-gilded way.

Much like the ancient Kemetic myths suggest also.

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