Leyden Papyrus

This is a magical text found in Ancient Thebes (in Egypt) and written in Ancient Greek around 3A.D. It was discovered in the early 19th century by an adventurer calling himself Jean d'Anastasi.

The 15 foot papyrus roll contains recipes for making metallic alloys, imitations of gold, silver and electrum, dyes, and other related arts. It is generally believed to have been written by an Egyptian sorcerer.

The papyrus is named the Leyden papyrus as it is now housed in the museum in Leiden, the Netherlands. See Wikipedia for more info.

An image of Set from the Leyden papyrus; Set began to be depicted as ass-headed instaead of his usual theophany by late antiquity when knowledge of his cult spread around the ancient world

Has anyone read or studied this? What are your thoughts?

This post is my first "L" for the Pagan Blog Project.

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