My second post for the letter “L” of the Pagan Blog Projectis Links.

Below is a short list (in no particular order)  of various websites and blogs that I like to visit on a regular basis for all things Kemetic, metaphysical, spiritual, artistic and magickal:

Shadows of the sun – blog of a Norse Kemetic

Kemetic Information Network - Forum for peeps with varying Kemetic background and interests

Jeff Cullen - Sculptor / artist that makes amazing statues of deity

Joan Lansberry - Artist, writer and researcher with an especially good pdf of found images of Set

Kemetic Recon - A blogger that writes well constructed and researched posts about all matters relating to Kemetic practice

The twisted rope - When this writer does Kemetic topics they are interesting and thought provoking

The blog of Tamara Siuda, founder of Kemetic Orthodoxy; Tamara is also an Egyptologist and author of a beautiful Kemetic Prayer book

The website of the Temple Of Raand Richard Reidy, Author of “Eternal Egypt”

The Temple of Set – a modern mystery school with a curious mix of foci on Set, magickal Egyptology, philosophy and magick in general; I have read great articles and books from people associated with TOS such as Don Webb

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

This is one of my latest paintings - it is small and 1 of 17 images from my "Avenue Of Little Votives" series; I nickname this one "Speedo Set"

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