Not Dying A Third Time

I had an initiation experience recently where I do believe that I died to old parts of myself, reconstructed my Soul Anatomy to a better, more efficient configuration, and avoided a slow death of continuing to close myself off to life.

A mandala-like drawing helped me to focus and take me into the state I needed to be in.

Reading from the "Book Of Caverns" whilst I was submerged in water inside a granite chamber did the rest.

I had a "mirror" around me at the time - a person I have developed a relationship with who is almost identical to me, and realising what that meant. And what that was showing me.

A real lotus was involved. An image of Heqet, the frog goddess, also.

And later, this drawing:


A third time of not dying? The first came in 1988. My car went over a cliff. The second was in 2006 - I was torn from my home, never to return, and my soul was rent.

This time it was much less violent but still challenging.

This is my second "N" post for the Pagan Blog Project

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