Any path contains ideas and concepts that require deeper thought. Sometimes, finding answers only provoke more questions.


There is a lot to the phrase, “Just be”. And I also love, “It is what it is”.


But I am curious. I always have been. As a little boy, I snuck into the church and worked my up onto the altar and took a look inside the tabernacle. The priests and nuns told us that Jesus lived in there. I didn’t see him.


The questioning begun then I think.


I think asking questions is healthy and belies an open mind not afraid of growing richer.


One of the favourite songs that I have written with my band Elektrum contains the line, “I am searching for the sacred, but sometimes it’s dangerous”.


Questioning can be dangerous, because sometimes we might get answers that we do not want to hear.


One of the biggest questions I have in relation to the Netjeru, is why did They disappear from our consciousness for so long and in such a big way, when finally the Romans usurped Egypt and Christianity began to ensue? Was there a grand design to this?


Do any of my readers care to comment?

This post is my second "Q" in the PBP

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