Recap – My Pagan Blog Project Posts To Date

I wanted to use my first “R” post for the PBP to recount my journey through the project so far, and also to celebrate the fact that I am still standing. It is important to me that I finish what I start and this exercise is no exception. Whilst my timing has fallen behind in getting the posts up on the correct week, I am still very much alive and well and part of the Pagan Blog Project 2012!

How I use essential oils in my practice
So I use the indefinite article “a” to get away with describing a project I was working on – a tall pedestal, essentially, to rest two Netjeru upon. My creative interpretation of the letters has contributed (IMO) to the variety and fun of my post
The hieroglyph nefer and all I find Kemetically beautiful

How feathered creatures figure so prominently in Kemeticism
The modern capital of Egypt, where I visited in 2010. This page is amongst the highest hit pages of my blog
A tribute to author Whitley Streiber, as well as recount of my UFO experiences from the late ‘80’s and how UFO lore has links to Ancient Egypt
The otherworld of Kemeticism
A proclamation of honour of the Netjeru! And the marking of a massive turning point in my consciousness  / evolution after participating in an ALL LOVE workshop weekend with Patrick Zeigler.
One of my fave passages from the Pyramid Texts
The namesake of my blog, and an expose about the blog proper, what it is for and why I do it
Falcon Headed One
A poem homage to the falcon Netjeru of Kemet

An exploration of how the frequencies we generate through thoughts and / or emotions affect our lives and reality

My gratitude practice

Explores nuances between believing, knowing, and faith . . . . .

I find that I am not a particularly happy man

Heaven on a Saturday afternoon
The joy that painting brings me

This two parter is amongst what I consider to be some of the most important posts on this blog; it discusses how our physical bodies are the key to spiritualty and immortality, as well as outlines my experiences undergoing the Lion Path

The J posts: Joan Lansberry and Jeff Cullen
My two J entries are about contemporary artists that I have met through the internet whose names start with the letter J. Artist and poet Joan Lansberry and sculptor Jeff Cullen

Knot Of Auset
A Kemetic talisman and hieroglyph known as the tyet

Ka Shen Sekhem
A vibrational healing modality created and taught by my friend and spiritual teacher Peter Chapman here in Melbourne

Leyden Papyrus
A magickal Kemetic text written in Greek found in 3AD

Useful links to Kemetic / Kemetic interest websites

My Gods Your Gods Whose Gods?
A discussion about our relationship with deity, the context of religion and personal interpretation. This post at time of writing has received the most interaction and response than any other to date.

A review of the exhibition of the same name currently showing in Melbourne

Not decaying in the other world
A chapter from the papyrus of Ani translated by Normandi Ellis

Not dying a third time
A recount of a recent initiation experience that happened  in Thailand

The eight primordial Netjeru of Kemet

O is for Oracle
An expose on various cartomancy techniques / decks / systems that I have used over the years

My painting career was resurrected earlier this year after a very, very long time away; this post features images of most of my paintings to date, all with Kemetic themes

Some Egyptian Franklin Mint gifts that I was given at Xmas, but only had just collected to bring back to my Melbourne home

A poem / lyric straight from my lyric book on the virtues of silence

My questioning nature has brought about a rich spiritual life; I ask a question to my readers


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