The sixth (of seven) in my Netjer portrait series.

This painting proved to be one of my most challenging to date owing to the symmetry required for its execution.

I have made some unusual colour choices here, and unfortunately the photographed version of the portrait does not reveal some of the intricacies inherent to the piece. For example, in standing a little ways away from the picture the wig takes on an electric hue, and the interference blue that I used in the black outline of the beetle shell interplays with it.

The antique blue that I have used for the main colouring of the shell was inspired by that colour wig from a beautiful tomb painting of Khepera. The colour was so “Him”, that I wanted to feature it somewhere of prominence in the portrait.

The background colour came as a result of a meditation on the portrait as I could not decide which one to use.

Am particularly happy with the colour of the electrum collar, which I have put to use in another painting that I am currently working on also.

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