Spiritual But Not Religious

I have often used the term “Spiritual But Not Religious”, whenever people questioned me about matters of faith, God, and spirituality.

It turns out that the acronym SBNR is getting around now, as evidenced by this article from the Patheos website that I have just read.

The article mirrors my thoughts on the subject, and in fact I love this paragraph:

“Those who identify as SBNR often do so as a result of the religious abuse and oppression that they have suffered in the name of God and religious authority. More often than not, the SBNR among us do not “reject” religion as much as we reject dogma. Dogma that has too often been defended and promoted by organized religion. Dogma that has oppressed the weakest among us, dogma that has suppressed the Holy and Divine Feminine making it shameful and wrong. Dogma that has made a mockery of scripture by using it to defend racism, homophobia, sexism and classism. Dogma that has the audacity to put conditions on Grace, Love, Mercy and Salvation which Jesus so freely gave to all. Dogma that helped produce a religious institution so unlike the name and nature of Jesus the Christ, that the Son of Man himself would be hard pressed to recognize it, much less defend it.”

Aside from the JC references, this pretty much sums it up for me.

Now, the spiritual side of my nature – that is a long topic and discussion indeed, and I am certain that my previous posts have already contributed to this!

Contemplating my spirituality

This post is my second "S" submission for the PBP 2012


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