I am noticing that progressively with my practice I am going into trance.

It happens when I am preparing for a Working or a Senut, painting, reading magickal texts and spells, and when I contemplate Netjer. The act of bathing in or spraying myself with natron seems to speed the process further. (I relate in this recent post how reading from the Book Of Caverns took me into an "initiation" state).

The feeling is that my vibration, my sense of being, becomes heightened. When I attempted channelling recently the same feeling overcame me, but stronger. It feels like my mundane self lessens somewhat and that a greater sense of my larger self comes into play.

I am beginning to suspect that I slip into trance more often than I am conscious of. Sometimes just reading about Netjer does it.

Bringing a trance state on deliberately has become something I seek toward in order for the magick, the connection, and the art to flourish.

Essential oils help. Most noticeable (in varying combinations / blends) are myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and juniper. I mentioned natron above also, which I believe physically changes something in our "energy field" (and most likely Soul Anatomy).

Does this happen for anyone else? I would love to hear of both deliberate and otherwise instances where trancing occurs in your practice.

I am still on board with the PBP, albeit my postings get in late! This is the 2nd "T" post.

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