Unverified Personal Gnosis

Not the first time I have broached this topic, this time I have a little more perspective  about it. And ultimately that’s what it’s all about right? Contemplation, forming an opinion, and not being afraid to let that opinion / theory evolve. This is one of the ways in which I transform.

In a recent post I wondered about varying interpretations of the Gods, and the individual (personal) versus group (religion / organised worship). I explore the differences between faith and knowing in another post under the title “Faith, belief, knowing . . . and where I stand”.

In another recent post I discuss the importance of keeping questions open and yet not denying what we can not at this point prove as “real”.

As I explore these realms further, I focus less on what people are claiming and more on the qualityof what has been brought into their lives (or that they have produced) as a result of that UPG or connection to their Netjer. I think this is where the gold is to be found.

I watched the special edition of “Prometheus” last night, and could not wait to see the deleted scenes and alternative scenes. (see this post for my first impression of seeing this film back in June)

The alternative scenes delivered answers that were satisfying on the one hand but subtracted from the wonder and mystery from the original screen release on the other. When it comes to Netjer, I do not think we are going to get the “special edition”. I think it would be like lifting the curtain to a play that was not meant to be revealed until all the actors were in place and the stage lights set – it would feel on a deep level that the authenticity and richness of our lives was somehow undermined, as the magic of the play would evaporate owing to the destruction of the aforementioned fourth wall.

I think there are answers, and there is truth to be realised, but how it manifests and how we make sense of it is hardly going to be found conclusively the words of a blog.

I can write on here about which Netjer comes through in my meditations, or how the interactions on a spiritual level are unfolding, but at the end of the day these are personal and relevant to me. If they contain ways for me to do better maat in the world, or to further everyone’s understanding of Netjer, I may post something, but at this time, I have not felt compelled to do so.

What say you on this matter?


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