Paul Compton's Exhibition

A postcard I collected at the exhibit: "Domestic Disturbance Wallpaper (sample)"

I went to see Paul’s exhibition a few weeks ago in the heritage listed Bundoora estate, which was a treat in itself.
Stately Bundoora Estate in Melbourne's outer 'burbs

I had seen some of Paul’s work before, but was pleasantly surprised by the scope and depth of the work I saw in this exhibition, “Bygones”.

A book that Paul put together personally for the show. Only 60 were made. I got number 29.

In a world where individuality seems always to be sacrificed for the safe and mainstream, I found the quirkiness of the exhibit engaging and refreshing. The subject matter Paul covers in his work range from past stars of the screen (the exhibition is dedicated to Kenneth Williams) to sideshow freaks; it is further affirmation of why I like him!

The biggest treat for me was this brilliant image of Anpu!

I did not know this was in the exhibition and was thrilled when I saw it!

Particularly impressive was Paul’s fine work in miniature. A book with tiny letters that he has handwritten is testament to this skill

Paul’s blog is here.


A gargoyle atop Bundoora Estate

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