Trancing Part 2: Reconnecting With The Power Of Essential Oils

Having being short of funds for quite a while this year, I was only recently in a position where I could afford to restock my essential oil collection.

I wrote in an earlier post how they help put me in a trance. My very first Pagan Blog Project post (with an exceptional comment from Warboar) was about aromatherapy.

And when I finally reacquainted myself earlier this week, I was assailed with the wonder and magick that is natural fragrance again.

I am beginning to truly believe that these smells are the smells of Netjer.

Neroli has been lifting my mood in a way that almost gets me high!


I was able to get 13 very high quality essential oils including a couple I don't normally keep like eucalyptus and lime

Having restocked my all time favourites and combining them in my new whizz bang diffuser has helped with mediation and focus, particularly when I contemplate Set.

The oils are frankincense, myrrh, vetiver, and West Indian sandalwood.

I am very interested to interact with more people about how you use essential oils in your practices, and especially when connecting with Deity. Again, checkout Warboar's reply to my aromatherapy post from earlier this year, it is worth it.

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