This little known Kemetic goddess is represented as a hare or a hare headed woman, and her name means “swift one”. She was the patron god of the 15th nome of upper Egypt originally called Wenu, then Hermopolis Magna later. Originally she appears to have been depicted as a snake deity.

The Goddess's name, with the determinative at the end for "Goddess"
Her name is sometimes spelt Unut, and this tells us that the 5th dynasty pharaoh Unas incorporated her into his name, as we see demonstrated in other examples like Amenhotep, Thuthmosis and Seti.

I first took notice of this deity when I came across the image below from this webpage recently. Scultpor Lena Torich has done a magnificent job of capturing the Netjer's grace and beauty in bronze.


This statue of Wenut is adorable. Wish I had Her in my collection!

Fellow Kemetic writer Helmsman of Yinepu did a post about a shrine of offerings that he made to the Goddess here. There is a beautiful statue of Wenut at the bottom of that post featuring the Goddess Hethert and the Pharaoh Menkaure (whose pyramid I got creepy vibes from and could not enter when I was there in 2010!)

I am wondering if that triad statue is the one that wiki reports as having been found depicting her?

Maybe the Godess blesses me? This is the first time I have kept up with the concurrent timing of posts in the PBP for about 5 months!! This post is my first W in the PBP 2012. Swift indeed!


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