X Series List Of Hieroglyphs From The Gardiner List

The Gardiner list is a series of groupings of Kemetic glyphs that help categorise the array of hieroglyphs that form the Kemetic alphabet.

The X Series List features glyphs that represent cakes and loaves. It is interesting to note all the different types of bread shapes that the ancients enjoyed, and I am certain that each has a meaning perhaps now lost to us.

Table of X classified glyphs in the Gardiner list

The glyph X1 is a loaf of bread and is used to represent that word but also as a determinative for all things female. Its sound is “t”.

The glyph X8 is said to be a bread cone, and has the meaning “to give”.  Its sound is “di” and” imi”. I wonder at why this glyph is used in the word for “Sirius”?

The word "Sirius" in Kemetic

This is my first "X" post in the PBP 2012. I have no clue what the 2nd one is going to be!

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