Zep Tepi

The Ennead of the Helipolitan cosmology

The Kemetic term "Zep Tepi" describes “the first time”. The beginning. It refers to the creation myths that the Ancient Egyptians observed and honoured. There were four that were centred around and “came  from” the Ancient Egyptian cities of Hermopolis, Helipopolis, Memphis and Thebes.

Wikipedia have done an excellent summary here, where at a glance you can compare and marvel at how these four cosmogonies could exist side by side. The Ennead, the Ogdoad, the creations of Atum and Ptah make for fascinating and inspiring reading.

Another Zep Tepi blog post worth checking out

Speaking of fascating and inspring, a fellow blogger did this post on Zep Tepi last week, which I feel articulated the essence of the Zep Tepi concept superbly. From this beautifully written post:

The candle you light always has the potential to be the First Light, because the First Light is why there is a candle. The incense you burn always has the potential to be the breath of the gods, because the breath of the gods is why there is incense. These are ever-present, ever-available, there is no falling away and being lost from the possibility of clarity because clarity is wound-through and a part of every moment of living, if you just know to reach for it.

Our past not as it seems

The mysterious origins of man haunts me. I am not much for the theory of evolution, and not entirely willing to accept that we are the test tube babies of an alien race either.

A concept from the entertainment world that has haunted me with a notion of a hidden past is the original “Planet Of The Apes”, which I saw when I was little. The excruciating sight of a semi exposed Statue Of Liberty poking out of the sand the way that early explorers found the pyramids and sphinx has stayed with me. Charlton Heston’s horror when he worked out that he wasn’t on another planet but had been transported to earth in the future sits with me still. I look at antique Egypt and something similar stirs.

This scene from the original "Planet Of The Apes" haunted my tiny mind when I first saw it and remains doing so to this day

An intuitive notion of Zep Tepi

A few months ago during meditation, I was transported to a time into our distant past, when the “world was new”.

The sense was that human beings were a new thing on our planet, which was already old, but that our divine origins were not so mysterious. We knew then, in that Zep Tepi, what we were and why we were incarnate in this wonderful biological technology that are our flesh bodies.

Just as a new homemaker – freshly moved in to a new apartment or house – tries to make the new lodgings similar to a place they had been before where they had felt at home, comfortable and settled, so too did we model the fresh earth home on the place where we had come from, the place of the Netjeru.
A beginning and an end
And so ends my involvement in the Pagan Blog Project 2012. I will do a recap on the PBP "year that was" later. But for now this, my second "Z" post concludes a year of "pagan" blogging!

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