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To mark my 100th post, I wanted to do something different!

I was recently nominated to answer some questions by Sarduriur after she had been nominated for a Liebster award by one of her readers. Sarduriur's "Warboar" blog is one I look forward to reading. I like the spirit of the award and especially her questions, so here are my answers:

1. What are your thoughts regarding the concept of an Afterlife?
I have always thought of the Duat as a real place that we access not only through death but sleep as well. When we learn to consciously travel in the astral, I suspect that the Duat is the first port of call – and portal – into the rest of the universe and super consciousness.
I further suspect that the reality of the Duat reflects that of the earth, but with fundamental changes to how time is experienced and perceived, and how physics operates. (for example, gravity, cause and effect may work differently there, but still exist).
The realms beyond the Duat exist to further facilitate our evolution and journey to becoming gods ourselves.

2. If you could have your writing published for no cost, what would you write?
Tricky. Long abandoned novels and plays come to mind:
When I was still acting I wrote a play called “The Easter House” which dealt with concepts of death, evolution and metamorphosis. Strong Kemetic themes were abound including an unseen character called Nebt-Ht!
Ideas from this play bled into a story I began to write which was set in the Duat. I wrote about this in an earlier blog post. The tentative title for that novel was “Westgate”. It contained interesting ideas about the denizens of the Duat that were visiting (those still alive on earth and dreaming) and those that lived there (those whose bodies had deceased on the earth).
I love that in the play and novel I explore different concepts of sexuality and spirituality.
Another novel, set in modern day Brisbanetold the story of a world catapulted into an age of reduced-to-no electricity and horse and cart. Our modern conveniences existed only for the extremely wealthy or the leaders and rulers of nations.
The people in this world were led to believe that an eco terrorist group had brought civilization to its knees, but in fact the truth of the story was that our resources had run out quicker than we anticipated, and blaming the non existent terrorist group was easier than selling the hard facts to the world.
This story also featured the emergence of a force known as Sopdu that brought about a new spiritual era for mankind.

3. How does Art factor into your life, if at all?
Art has always been a major part of my life, even during the many years that I shunned it in favour of “making a living”. I am a professionally trained actor, but have not worked as one in a while (I don't put other entertaining work in this category such as MC'ing and stripping which I did  for a while a few years back!!!)
In the last 18 months it has become more important than ever, especially as I find that my relationship with Netjer most readily manifests when I am making art about them.
Art may be a language that is fundamental to our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the nature and the universe.
In recent times I have created two artworks (one is a co creation) that I feel resonate with my purpose for being upon the earth. I posted details of Winged Set here, but the other you will need to wait for: it is a song about the Goddess Sopdet that I co wrote with my band partner in Elektrum.

4. What are your top three favourite books, and why?
I am never good at listing my favourites of anything because my choices and tastes (in most cases) evolve and change.
So currently:
Don Webb’s books (“The seven faces of darkness”, “Uncle Setnakht’s guide to the left hand path” and “Secrets of the Temple Of Set") - these collective books have opened my eyes to magick, ritual, and a modern mystery school's take on the manifestation of Set today
The Her Bak books by RA Schwaller Da Lubicz - whilst dense, these tomes give an insight into how life in an ancient Egyptian temple may have been; my feeling is that years of being in and studying the great temple of Karnak awakened inspiration in da Lubicz resulting in the writing of these works
The Egyptian Prayer Book by Tamara Siuda - a beautifully written book that features a collection of prayers and the mechanics of performing senut by someone that loves Netjer so much she not only reads and translates Their holy texts but established a modern religion for Them.

5. Who, or what, most inspires you?
I am inspired by people that bring awareness of Netjer into the world (the authors listed above fit this category)
Netjer inspires me.
Ancient Kemet inspires me, and especially how its re manifestation occurs now.
Ancient middle eastern civilization in general fascinates and inspires me.
Whitley Strieber intrigues and inspires me.
I am inspired by certain individuals in bodybuilding, and the music world too.
Great pieces of art inspire, especially genres such as expressionism, post impressionism, cubism and Fauvism. Last year I featured two artists that feature or have featured Kemetic concepts here and here.

Art inspires me and motivates me a lot; the greatest art form in my opinion is the human body; I love human bodies and bodybuilding - which I classify as an art form - is one of my 3 artistic disciplines; the artist-athlete pictured is Kevin Levrone

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