The Technology Of Netjer

"Metamorphosis", one of my paintings from last year

I have been considering elements of the Kemetic legacy as a technology that we have lost the ability to understand.

There is much out there on the topic already, but this relates primarily to archaeology: the real function of the pyramids for example, or what obelisks might really be for, or theories about how such high levels of skill abound in everything from jewellery, to tomb design, and sculpture.

Sacred Texts
One of the first instances where this occurred to me was upon reading The Book Of Coming Forth By Day. It struck me that in this text, and subsequently others, that a code of some kind was inherent to the scripts, and that in using the words in a certain way (and perhaps with gesture and / or ritual devices) doors were opened, dimensions were activated. At the very least, I feel that the sacred texts are manuals for genesis and evolution that we currently do not properly understand.

Kemetic Soul Theology
The Kemetic theology of the soul (soul anatomy) is another case in point. How are we to understand these unusual delegations? What do they mean? We guess at Ka and Ba because these are closest to our own concepts of spirit and soul, but I do not think they can be understand separately and nor do I think they can be entirely understood with the mind and our intellects alone.

Technology of Netjer
 Are the Gods themselves to be understood on a technological level, or in a technological way? For instance, I find that the forms and shape that some of the Netjeru reveal themselves in seem to have a “trigger”. What if the forms and shapes of Netjer are in and of themselves a code that react with the very DNA of our bodies?. We know that animal headed beings are not unique to Ancient Egyptian culture. Are these beings that live in another dimension that are capable of communicating with us and want us to connect with them?

Those of us that honour the Netjeru have an entirely different way of dealing with that trigger as opposed to everyone else who take fascination with the Ancient Egyptian past. And I have not met too many people that are not in some way intrigued.

Talismans: devices?
Ankhs, tyets, adzes, and uas staffs – were these devices capable of transmitting energy or creating a change in subtle anatomy? In some instances, they are shown clearly generating something from their tips.

Are there any revelations / intuitions that you have had that might shed light on some of the concepts outlined above? I would love to hear from you.

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