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I am in the second and last week of vacation in Adelaide, and have had some adventures worth reporting! Some of the topics below will be elaborated upon in future posts. For now, here is the "Twitter" version!

The Egyptian Room in the South Australian Museum
The South Australian Museum has retained an old colonial style in its decor and exhibits. The Egyptian room looks like it could come straight out of a Budge book!

What the museum lacks in antiquities it makes up for in modern renditions of painting (on the walls) and sculpture, like the statues featured below.

Auset, Het-Hrt and Ausar given a fresh look like they would have had in Kemetic days

Pazuzu / The Exorcist / Winged Wonders
I got treated to a 25 minute celluloid version  of  "The Exorcist" at an impressive home theatre! Though much edited down, they featured the Pazuzu images and my niece captured them beautifully on her phone.

Pazuzu and Mesopotamia has had an influence on me most notably in my Winged Set painting, and Warboar has done an amazing painting here that I have been admiring.

Meanwhile, Iakhu has made an awesome Winged Set animal sculpture here.


A spectacular moment where the priest faces an unearthed icon of Pazuzu

I went into a shop to see if I could find an Egyptian themed statue for Aunty Sue for her birthday, and noticed their collection of giraffes.

If the antlers were slightly elongated, and the ears removed, there is a likeness to Set's theophany, I feel.

I went inside the church of my upbringing and youth for the first time in many, many years. There is a greater story to be told with this, but I preview for you here the pulpit of the church.

I saw this pulpit every week, and sometimes more, for nearly six years of my childhood. The animal headed creatures representing the apostles is not lost on me. And now I wonder why John is eagle headed, why Luke is bovine and Mark leonine. This is a Catholic church, readers.

Buck Angel sculpture
At the Art Gallery Of South Australia I found this amazing sculpture of transgender artist Buck Angel by Marc Quinn. I love the detail on the sculpture and the metamorphosis that this beautiful body has undergone. As sculptures alone they are damn impressive!

 I just love how Buck's tatts are etched into the work adding another dimension again to the piece.

I am reminded of Netjeru with trans / dual gender elements such as Atum, Mut and Hapi.

The gallery blurb on the piece is worth a read

I hope a little bit of my holiday is conveyed to you in reading this post.

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