Winged Set: The Painting

I pulled an 8 hour all-nighter finishing my most recent panting, “Winged Set”, Sunday night.

Winged Set

The second of my larger works, and the biggest canvas to date, I feel that its completion ends a successful year of Kemetic art.

This angle better shows the hexagram structure that forms part of the background

The piece is 72" x 48", acrylic on canvas.

Taken a few weeks before completion, this pic gives a good indication of the size of the canvas

Hieroglyphs detail

I composed the wording for the painting myself, and commissioned Tamara Siuda to transliterate them. The glyphs read:

Hail Set
Great of strength, God of Gods
You are majestic, beautiful and mighty
Grant me
Strength, magical power and immortality
On earth, in the sky and in the Duat

In this earlier post a clue to the genesis of the painting can be found.

I plan a website for my artwork later this year, and want to save complete descriptions and analysis of all of my paintings for then.

I feel that the photos don't quite convey the majesty of the piece, or the nuances that the metallic and other acrylics present. It is a very imposing work and dominates the room where it stands. I love this painting, and hope that it inspires great feelings in others too.

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