The Exquisite Palette

One of the three paintings that I have been working on post Winged Set is complete. It's for a competition by a cool local art supply dealer, St. Lukes.

The concept is that artists embrace one of the most recognizable symbols of our craft - the palette - and our actual submissions are created on a palette supplied by the shop for entry into the competition.

Kemetic Palette by Setken

The piece features for the first time my Kemetic name as I render it in hieroglyphs  This is my signature as an artist. The word above the cartouche can be interpreted with my name to read "Setken appears". Fitting as this piece is my introduction into the art world of Melbourne.

The palette features a red background where Heru and Set bless my name, and Udjat and Nekhbet look on. The Winged Disk is a favourite Kemetic symbol that I have used many times in my life. The eyes in the middle are a fun way of addressing the palette finger hole.

I have named the work "Kemetic Palette", which reflects a current work, "The artist as beloved of Heru and Set". The palette has inspired another piece that I am still sketching with a working title of "Sexuality".

It was challenging painting on wood (I am used to canvas), and I am glad that I took time to render the surface properly  Painting in miniature is something I have not done before, so I am pleased with the result as a first attempt.

The Exquisite Palette opening night is next Wednesday night April 10th for any of my Melbourne readers.

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