Downloading Netjer

My most involved painting to date is called "Downloading Netjer", and explores a theme I enjoy of the "technology of Netjer". What happens when we view Kemeticism in modern terms and in particular with our modern notions of technology?

Nine Netjeru are downloaded into various parts of the body of the subject, but not his physical body: the download occurs into the khaibit, the "shadow" body.

Owing to a way I have perceived my khaibit through meditation, the image depicts a gas mask to denote breathing / existing in another realm. The ankle and wrist cuffs compliment the mask with a bondage theme, said theme being more literal (as in tied to the material realm) but also something else owing to the attire (or lack of).The hexagonals form an inter-dimensional mesh that serve as both gateway and net from that realm to ours.

I particularly enjoyed painting the Netjeru for this piece. It was the first time I have depicted Amon Ra in ram headed form, and the first time I have painted Nekhbet, Djehuty and Sokar. All of these had special moments in realization. The other Netjeru represented - Set, Sekhmet, Khepera, Heru and Maat have had Their portraits painted previously.

The piece is acrylic on canvas and is 30" x 40". 

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