A Tale Of Three Artists: Introduction

I could remain immersed in Ancient Kemetic art for eternity
As the probability of pulling together an exhibition of my work becomes more likely, I wanted to share with my readers some inspiration in the form of other artists that paint Kemetic themes.

Inspiration is such a valuable and precious thing; many take it for granted, but I take it as whispers from the Netjeru themselves. To say that the three I will highlight in the next few weeks inspire me is an understatement. Their gift for interpreting Netjer and expressing the Divine as art leaves me speechless, actually. So writing about it will be challenging.

My paintings “come to me” pretty well as they end up, but along the way glimmers of wonderfulness come along that enhance, tweak or sometimes even fortify a direction I have chosen in a work in the form of the art that I admire of others.

A look through Deviant Art will inform you how much the wonder and mystery of Ancient Egypt serves as inspiration to many artists out there, but the three that I have chosen are artists that I feel resonate strongly  – if not actually connect – with the Netjeru themselves.

It is not the first time that I have featured artists on my blog (see my Jeff Cullen and Joan Lansberry posts) And I doubt it will be the last. (More Joan Lansberry here and here).

Stay tuned good readers: Part 1 is but days away!

Beautiful Nefertum! Beautiful, beautiful Nefertum! I look at an image like this and know deep in every part of all of my souls why I am only interested in painting Kemetic themes.

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