The Artist As Beloved Of Heru And Set

The Artist As Beloved Of Heru And Set, acrylic on canvas 48" x 36"

This painting began as a sketch last year and began translation to canvas in January this year. It was completed June 20, 2013. It combines many themes and many Netjeru and is my most complex painting to date.

If I am developing a style (and I like the term Neo Kemetic that my friend Ptahmassu suggested) I think this may epitomize it: how more modernising of the Kemetic can I get by including myself in a painting with the Netjeru?

The painting shows 7 Netjeru: Heru, Set, Nut, Geb, The Aton, Shu and Tefnut. Auset is not represented per se but her influence inspired many of the amulet icons and the purple background.

The image is meant to evoke a modern stained glass window and a “religious” feel as a result of that.

Heru and Set are presenting my Ka with the life force via the ankhs, and this central triptych is heavily inspired by the coronation statue of Ramesses III – a statue I stood next to, examined, and was completely entranced by when I visited the Cairomuseum in November 2010.

A visit elsewhere on that same trip inspired this painting in an unexpected way also. It occurred to me when visiting the Coptic Museumin Cairo that the Christianised images of the Netjeru would be the last images to be created of Them for some two thousand years, or at least until the Rosetta Stone began to open our eyes to Ancient Egypt again. For this reason, the uraeus surmounted sun disks that Heru and Set wear are featured lower to appear more like halos. It is interesting that the inherent Kemeticness of the symbols do not get lost by doing so.

The amulet images featured were included after a revelation, as do the inclusion of Shu and Tefnut – barely perceptible in the top corners in the beyond realms of Nut’s stretch.

The four colour paneling at the sides framing the piece are lifted directly from Kemetic wall paintings and art.

The painting heralds a personal understanding for me of myself in a Kemetic context. The Artist As Beloved Of Heru And Set is acrylic on canvas, 48” x 36”

May my Ka be blessed by Them for eternity

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