The Divine And The Human

I awoke from my afternoon nap today (I usually take afternoon naps because of my long day work schedule and the nature of my work itself) to be greeted by the wonderful image below in my kitchen household "shrine".

The little "shrine" that sits on my kitchen bench: Ra Heruakhty, Anpu, Bastet and my Kemetic name canvas, which I created as a test for an upcoming work where I am trying to get a granite look

The glorious afternoon light of Ra was particularly strong for the winter that we are having, and it lit the back of the little canvas featuring my Kemetic name in such a way as to highlight the Set glyph and the man glyph.

This reminds me very much about recent meditations and pondering on that very subject: the human and the Divine. How can I balance these elements of myself and live an effective fulfilling life that honours the path before me and that of the Netjeru?

An answer came from my wonderful new friend Ptahmassu this week, who suggested that I treat every mundane act like it was an act of honouring Netjer. I did this, and my first client for the day stepped in and remarked how amazingly clean the place was (I had cleaned it no better than I usually do, so she was picking up on the heka that was generated with the cleaning as I cleaned I believe).

This shift in thinking changed my approach and made my downstairs work place amazing indeed. It also felt good to do - it offered more of a purpose to the act of cleaning.

Who knows why we are as we are (our humanity)? But it does not stop us remembering and honouring the Divine within and without as our lives unfold.

Thankyou Ptahmassu!

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