A Tale Of Three Artists Part 1: Joel Clark

"Isis Worshiped By The Children Of The Stars" by Joel Clark

I begin the first of my 3 part series featuring Kemetic artists / artworks with Joel Clark.

The work of Joel Clark is an important expression of reawakened Kemetic forces emerging into the world today.

"The Lord Of Solar Revelations" by Joel Clark
With liberal uses of colour and unique representations of classical images and themes from antiquity, his paintings engage on a level that our busy minds of today are forced to stop to pay attention.

Joel’s artist statement from his website:

"My purpose as an artist has ever been to re-establish a past destined to be the future; to take something of the eternal and invisible and manifest it in the physical. 

The high civilization of Egyptwith all its wisdom, precision and loving engagement of Universal Light awaits its inevitable return. 

Each of my works is an entirely metaphysical statement at odds with the illusions of our present zeitgeist. Not to be understood by the reasoning of the mind; my paintings remain mystical invocations summoning the divine voice within and above each child of Earth; feats of alchemy speaking silently to the infinite recesses within searching souls.

In a world bent on speed and sensations, time is of little consequence to my painting. Mine is a statement of an eternal contemplation and the intuitive certainties that dawn with perfect stillness of mind and body. 

Each composition is announced as a flash of light upon the inner eye. From there I work to manifest the energy of the vision, beginning with a pencil sketch, followed by the penciling of the actual work, inking of major lines, gold leafing of certain areas and finally the actual work of painting itself. Large works often require a year of devoted effort to complete".

"The Temple Within" by Joel Clark
The sheer detail of Joel’s work is breathtaking and truly a sight to behold. I doubt that images on the internet do his work justice at all, and I so look forward to seeing an exhibition of his material in person.

Joel lives in Canada and has been creating his artworks since 1980.

I encourage a visit to his website to explore all of his wonderful works.

"The Ba Ancient And Eternal" by Joel Clark

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