A Tale Of Three Artists Part 2: Zap Tripper

Set: Lord Of The Infernal Engines by Zap Tripper; without a doubt my fave piece of Zap's, and one that I think especially captures Lord Set's manifestation today
In my continuing exposition of Kemetic artists, I present the second of my feature artists: Zap Tripper, whom I have come to know through some Facebook groups.

Zap identifies himself as an emissary of evilution. His pursuits include all forms of creative manifestations and involve art, theatre, and doing the lead vocals for Triplexir. He has an unusual and enthusiastic zeal for Egyptology and is especially interested in Dynasty 12!

Sokar by Zap Tripper; I find this piece particularity inspiring and  provocative

I questioned Zap’s spelling of Evilution and here is his reply:

“Evilution seems an appropriate play on vocabulary....the truth in it is revealed in its own obvious mis-spelling. Evilution works because many who wave the banner of 'science over Superstition' still seem to cling somehow to old values which would deny Nature's inequities...She is dark and cruel in Her workings. Consequently, there exist lots of very educated folk out there who assume the attitude... that somehow Superstition has not been the catalyst for very much of what they falsely proclaim as 'evidence' of humanity's evolution”.

Ausar by Zap Tripper

The extraordinary fluro effect Zap gets with his work is outstanding, and I was curious to learn how he managed to produce such work - here is his reply:

“The day-glo effect is produced by blending as many shades and mediums as possible together while working under total ultra-violet light. All other light is blocked out and the appropriate music evocative of the work is also utilized....almost as if each work becomes a sort of ritual of its own. This has done great damage to my eyes...and it is hardly possible for me to even look at one of my own works anymore. Those folk out there who wish to take this approach should consider the consequences. But, that is how I manage to get the full effect”.

Set by Zap Tripper

I had no idea that this how Zap produces such marvellous pieces and can only wonder at the devotion he has in so doing! I asked him about his connection to deity when making his art:

“Whenever I render one of the many deific images in a particular working....it is an act of touching that particular 'archetype' in the most direct and intimate way. It is at once an act of worship and invocation...it is partaking in the role of 'Creator' as the god or goddess Themself does...through mine own experience and knowledge of it. For while these Forms all participate in the conscious self-creation of the Universe, I do the same....because I am but an outward manifestation of Their 'language'. Just as the deities are symbolic expressions of the cosmic phenomenon...storms, wars, seasons....even abstract concepts such as time...so I, too, have MY seasons, and my own wars and my own thunderstorms. And in the end , I will perish and rot....My bones will turn to dust.....but, the symbols I've created will speak to minds just waking up decades or perhaps centuries after I my flesh has become no more.

Thoth by Zap Tripper

I love the modern and totally unique take Zap’s work brings to portraying Netjer, whilst still very much respecting Their Forms. Zaps site is here.

Untitled by Zap Tripper

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