The Black Painting

The Black Painting
It was a strange night, that night early November 2010. My last night in Rome. The train ride back from Silento with my symposium colleagues; Rob arguing with the taxi driver to get a receipt; the odd little hotel where I bunked in last minute – there was a strike in Pompeii and a likelihood that trains would not run the next morning prompting me to leave our symposium hotel earlier so that I would not miss my flight to Cairo the next day.

But why were these images floating around in my meditation, these last days as I was finishing “The Black Painting”?

Because that night was the end of a great cycle in my life where I would slumber no longer. Indeed, the next day, when I went to Egypt for the first time in this physical embodiment, something new began. An awakening.

The Black Painting - Sphinx detail

The original sketch for “The Black Painting” was done on an aeroplane on the way back from Bangkoklast year. Indeed in ThailandI had undergone an initiation of sorts largely evoked by reading from “Daily lives of the Egyptian Gods” by Dimitry Meeks. (I wrote about this here).

Original sketch for The Black Painting
It was in the middle of the night, and I distinctly remember a very bright star being visible outside the aircraft each time I looked outside. I had not intended to make the sketch a painting – the impetus to execute it on canvas came in a meditation earlier this year. The sketch was realized on 21st July, 2012 - the painting version was completed a year and two days later!

“The Black Painting” is 48” x 60” and another Set inspired painting. It features a hieroglyphic translation of the poem that is visible in the original sketch. Again, I commissioned Tamara Siuda to come up with these for me. (She has also done so for "Anger" and "Winged Set").

Let the Seven Stars
Pump the fluid of Being
Into your new grown wings
That you may soar,
Divine creature 
That you were born
To become

The photo does not do the piece justice – I have used interference and iridescent colours which make this painting commanding to stand in front of. Initially, the painting was going to be almost monochromatic save for the jewelry worn by Set (this was always going to be electrum and precious stones coloured), and this evolved as the piece developed.

The Khaibit makes another appearance in this painting (also featured in “Anger”).

The piece was completed during the (Aquarius) full moon of July and when Cancer was transitioning into Leo. It heralds a new phase for me, as events in my life unfold further to promote greater spiritual understandings.

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