My altar this morning as I prepared it for Wep Ronpet

I have decked my apartment out with tea light candles. Painted the pots and smashed them. My Shrine Room is effused with the scent of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and juniper.

Happy Wep Ronpet everyone!

It was Set’s birthday yesterday and after the morning at work I spent the rest of the day languishing in how to celebrate His day. It was particularly cold here yesterday, and the sky was amassed with clouds that seemed ready to crack open any moment. He Whom Before The Sky Shakes indeed. 

Set's birthday celebrations

In meditation, a new painting has come along with clarity about another future work and how to execute it. It is a Set related painting, an echo of another I am currently executing and lots to do with the style I am developing and Soul Anatomy.

I spent the day finishing a painting of Sokar and working on detailed sketches for another piece with a working title of Heart Mandala.

The time feels particularly auspicious as I am aware of a cycle ending that seems to have started in 2010. There has been some great good (I went to Egyptat the beginning of said cycle) and some things to move on from.

Looking to the future and a bright Kemetic New Year!

Dua Set!
Dua Netjer!

The pots await their time next to a set of tea lights I had set up throughout my apartment

The pots (I love how my reflection is evident in this)

The pots aftermath: it is the first time that I have executed this ritual and it felt GREAT!

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