Djoser Ab

Djoser Ab
My latest painting is Djoser Ab.

The conception for the piece occurred in meditation, and the choice of color - and in fact a major inspiration for the piece - came from my admiration for the work of an online artist friend, the artist being Zap. (See the blog post where I featured Zap in here).

I am particularly fond of how how Zap utilizes fluorescence in his work, and I wanted to experiment with fluoro colors in this piece. Not every color is fluorescent, but the ones that are offset and interact with the non fluorescent palette rather well I feel. I did not want to produce a totally fluoro piece - that is already done spectacularly by Zap himself - but am happy with my first attempt at doing so in this work.

The eight limbed image surprised me when I conceived it, as I am not as taken with Ancient Hindu art in the same way as I am with Middle Eastern art, but the conception works perfectly for each Ab to be individually presented.

The main image is the subject in a state of becoming with the essences of Heru and Set; or put another way, balancing Bawy within and thus reaching an exalted state. (There is a particularly lovely image of Bawy and a beautiful protection heka on Sardurir's blog here).

Djoser Ab detail - heads

Djoser Ab detail Atum, Shai

The central figure reveals that the process involves a mastery and understanding of principles of the heart that he presents with each arm. The hearts include as their expression:

Djoser Ab detail - Geb, Heka

Set in glorified state
Mastery of physicality and physical power
Mastery of creative expression and understanding through the lenses of the Kemetic
The alloy electrum

Djoser Ab detail - Sopdet, Physicality

I know I always say that the photos don't do the actual paintings I make justice, but in this case it can not be overstated. The fluorescent colours make this piece so vibrant!

Djoser Ab detail - Kemetic lense, Electrum

"Djoser Ab" is my 16th Kemetic work to date and is a companion piece to a future work - as yet untitled - which I consider the original version of the piece you see today.

Djoser Ab detail - Set in a glorified state
The title - which means "Sacred Heart" - has a deep meaning for me, as the awful schools I attended when growing up had the same name, and the concept of the sacred heart has always meant something negative for me as a result. In seeking and discovering my own sacred heart, a healing has occurred where that is no longer the case.

Djoser Ab detail - lotus

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