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In the last week, two people I know online have provided simultaneously and without prompting some major insights on viewing the religion of Ancient Kemet in a totally different way than we do today.

It is not the first time I have come across this: Schwaller de Lubicsz says in his books that understanding Egyptian thought requires a completely different way of thinking - another mindset altogether if you will - in order to truly understand it.

The words that were sent me struck me so profoundly that I asked to publish them here, and consent was given:

All true religion unites the human with the Divine, thus the Kemetic religion was religion, and that culture was driven by the mechanisms through which human beings were brought instantly into the Divine presence.  Also, the Kemetic religion sought to bring the Divine into the human sphere.  Every ritual, every act performed in the Per-Netjer, and the Per-Netjer itself, was a meeting place between humankind and the Gods.
Real religion offers such a meeting place, where the human heart, enthused by devotion and worship, becomes a vessel through which Netjer incarnates and the human is experienced as Divine. 
Do not let your prejudice against modern organized religions pollute your heart and sever your communion with Netjer.  To know the Gods one must enter into the awesome moment of duwa, worship, adoration, where the heart and mind recognize the greatness and goodness of the Netjer.  Without duwa one can never know the Netjeru nor come into their presences.  
The Kemetic religion sought and seeks to bring Netjer and humanity into the same space through which the act of creation may continue, and asfet pushed back.  This is an interdependent relationship.  Our task as servants of Netjer is to maintain creation by maintaining a living link with the Netjeru from which creation comes forth. 
Conquer your prejudices and your ego, and you will know the true meaning of Heka, the source and entirety of Kemetic religion.
Written by Ptahmassu
Ptahmassu's website is here
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The point I am trying to make is that the ancient Egyptians were attuned to everything around them – they had no religion, they had a belief system and a way of life that was far superior to ours. We are only just beginning to tap into the wonders of this civilisation and mustn't stop at images and a profusion of gods….
Written by Judith Page
Judith's website is here

Detail from upcoming painting "Djoser Ab"; this part of the piece I call "Neb Set"

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