Ancient Egyptian artifacts at NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria has recently re-installed its antiquities collections and the new permanent Ancient Egyptian section is delightful.

A visit to the NGV website reveals that not all of the antiquities in their possession are on display; I have featured the ones that are and also include photos from their site that display the works in all their glory.

Below is a photo journal of what I saw when visiting a few weeks ago.

Coffin of Iretenhoreru dating from Dynasty 25 - 26

 Iretenhoreru's coffin lid
Inside of  Iretenhoreru's coffin with images of Sokar and Auset visible. The coffin is suspected to have come from Thebes. No information on the exhibition plaques was rendered as to the role that the owner played in life
Amulets - outstanding are the Bes, djed and Sobek ones
Larger amulets and statuettes featuring Auset suckling Heru, the Apis bull and Ausar

Different angle on first amulet picture revealing even more 

Canopic jars dating from Dynasty 21 - 25 found in Qurna, Thebes and featruing the lids of Qebsennenuf and Duamutef

Beautiful canopic chest dating from the Ptolemaic period; it features the falcon sacred to Sokar on top but in my research may also represent Sopdu. 
Detail of canopic chest front

Photo of canopic chest from NGV website

The head covering of Padihorpasheraset dating from the Ptolemaic dynasties; it is quite beautiful but saddening to think how it must have been torn off the mummy for its value on the antiquities market

Spectacular statue of Ptah-Sokar-Ausar dating from Ptolemaic times; it is dedicated by a priest named Hor, son of Djedhor

Stela of Amenemope with remains of paint
From the NGV website

Dendera mortuary stela featuring demotic text
From the NGV website
Stela of Djedher found in Saqqara

From NGV website

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