"There" is the title of my latest work, and the last for 2013.

It is acrylic on canvas 36" x 24".

It is a psycho-spiritual desert landscape with a temple which is made up of the hieroglyphs for the shrines of Upper and Lower Egypt. The landscape was very much influenced by some writing of Judith Page that she wrote me in correspondence, where she described "a black sun with a red corona".

The Temple is that of the Netjeru, and Set and Sekhmet are featured invoking entry. They are joined by Maat and Heru.

Each Netjer has a sun disk halo - as opposed to the way the sun disk is usually presented - surmounted by a  uraeus. This is a theme I have continued from earlier works.

There are two obelisks featured - referencing the sun city of Ancient Kemet - and the hieroglyphs for lightning in the sky.

The line work and smaller details of the painting created a challenge, as did the sky (which I am very happy with).

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