Shadow Portents As The New Year Begins

Silence. The stillness in which I find my centre, and the equilibrium of my being.

After a long drive back from my hometown to Melbourne I finally find myself in my Shrine Room. This has become my touchstone, my dome of the rock, and not being able to come here has thrown me off centre.

The trip was not an easy one, fraught with the Mars energy tension that I have sensed and felt so strongly since mid December last year . . . .  Places where I once could alight – a bird with weary wings seeking familiar refuge and the comfort of a well worn branch – are found no more . . . .  

Until I awoke after my Shrine visit nap, I had felt a strange disconnection from the Netjeru. That disconnect was me looking deeply at my shadow self and facing away from the sun . . . My beautiful new work sitting on my easel awaiting to manifest as one of my best barely got a glance from me as I unpacked the car . . .

My holiday reading: I got to read but didn't get quite the holiday I was hoping for
The Ogdoad had been on my mind owing to reading about them in the Ford Necroninom Book, as had Nut and Heru Wer and Set thanks to reading the Webb book about Crowley’s Book Of The Law.

I answered a question for myself from a blogpost of August2012! The Ogdoad are serpent and frog headed as these are symbols of transformation and ancient genesis. As these deities are related to the formation of matter, it stands to reason that amphibian and reptilian symbols speak Their essences. It also occurs to me that both frog and snake are potent symbols of the magickian.

The Hermopolitan Ogdoad from the Temple Of Hethert in Dendera

Jupiter peeped through the crack in my blinds as I awoke from my post Shrine slumber, and I knew it to be a message from Netjer. It was Heru – perhaps Heru Wer in His aspect of Heru but Heru nonetheless.

Jupiter and Mars is Heru and Set in Shamanic Egyptian astrology. Set the Sacred Warrior and exposer of the shadow, and Heru the young king, impatient with His expanding and settling into His new role as monarch.

I love this book, and consider it to be a worthy addition to the collections of those that are interested in interpretations of how Netjer manifests today, or perceptions of how They might
“The Ark Of Millions” awaits me on my easel. Partly outlined, partly sketched, still far from ready for colour . . . . yet the form is there. The potential and promise is there.

This column of Ramesses The Second sits in a corner of the SA Museum with no plaque, recognition, or honoring of the precious artifact that it is. A robotic dinosaur sits alongside it that parents can let their out of control brats feed with coin to make it move. I believe the dinosaur comes with a complete description.

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