The Nipples Of Netjer

Unfinished detail: Heru's nipple / The Ark Of Millions
I have completed this morning the final coloring on the canvas for the Ark Of Millions. What was to be colored is now colored; what is to remain white remains white.

Painting the nipples of these deities provoked profound feelings. The nipples of people are such an intimate part of the body, let alone deities. I remembered the last time I was so immersed in other human being that even the nipples seemed divine to me (it was in San Francisco in 2009; I sent an sms to him this morning, recalling that time . . .)

Many thoughts were awash as the last brushes of color were applied to Set’s toenail. It made me recall the very last moments of completion of Winged Set, which was actually also Set’s toenail. I had not planned this, although I knew for sometime that both Set and Heru’s nipples and toenails on this piece were the last parts to be colored.

And so, as the last tracks from an album* I enjoyed in my adolescence belted out (thank you Spotify for letting me access my long lost record collection in this new era!) I painted the toenails of Set, and revelled in the wonder of His and Heru’s nipples.

Unfinished detail: Set's nipple / The Ark Of Millions

*Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper

Shot from the beginning of Summer last year: early rendering of The Ark Of Millions

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