Zap delivers!

One of the artists I really admire that I have met through the internet has created a new work that I really want to show readers of my blog; it is called "The Rebel King".

Here is what Zap has written about the work: 

The ancient Egyptian god, Set, "The Rebel King" (Khemitic Tchar Sheshti).

This working was begun on the full moon of Friday the 13th and completed on the 15th in homage to the original archetype and progenitor of non-conformity. 

Here, the arch-rebel is depicted in His exalted manifestation as User Maat Re Merinebtawi (mighty is the justice of Re, beloved lord of the two lands) astride His fearsome engine of victory with His revered consort, Nephthys.

I certainly anticipate you folks out there will dig it!
This working is thus dedicated to Setken Artist and Jeremy Ivy.

It was certainly an honor to find that I am one of the people he has dedicated the work to. I consider the piece (and Zap's other work too - see my piece on him from last year) to be very much a part of a Kemetic renaissance  / resurgence happening in the world now.

The piece was created on 65lb paper with a Bic ballpoint Round Stic and Crayola colored pencil. 

Zap's Facebook page is here.

His website is here.

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