Happy Kemetic New Year!

As far as I can make out Sopdet indeed has risen over Melbourne, and today I celebrate Wep Ronpet.

It is an auspicious time for many reasons right now, and I pause to reflect on how magickal and powerful it must have been in Ancient Kemet when the Nile still flooded and Netjer was still very much a part of that great place.

I offer you an image of the candle stairs in my home - the place where I have created all of the paintings many of you enjoy - as a symbolic climbing / ascending to Sopdet herself. May She bless you with Her holy rays!

I also offer the song I co-wrote with my band partner in Elektrum, and hope that it forms part of the specialness of your Wep Ronpet wherever you may be! Click here for "Sirius" by Elektrum.

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