The Netjeru In America

A work in progress has inspired a trip to the US.

I will be in New York from February 1st for a week and then on the west coast (primarily California) for another week where I intend to work on a project I am calling "The Netjeru In America".

It is about the re-manifestation of Netjer in modern times specifically in the United States. I want to meet everyone I can that is involved with the re-manifestation of Kemeticism, Netjer, or Ancient Egyptian religion on a scale larger than "alone". In other words, if it is a personal practice, it is manifesting outside that personal practice into the world at large somehow.

I intend meeting with religious leaders, artists and authors.

There is a painting already planned - the trip to NY will supply the city-scape imagery I need to bring this to life. But the rest of the project may take place as interviews or informal meetings where I sketch or write notes or take video. I assume some parts will end up as blog posts, although my main focus is in building more inspiration for my paintings.

Readers of my blog or followers of my Facebook page that live in California or New York that are interested to participate or curious to know more can contact me and I will see if I can schedule a connection when I get over there.

"The Netjeru In America"
Acrylic on canvas
10cm x 15cm

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