Mer Wer

Hail the Ka of Atum!

My last painting for 2014 is of the divine bull deity Mer Wer, known in classical times as Mnevis. The painting is titled "Mer Wer" and is acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24".

Mer Wer (also Mn Wer, Khem Wer, Mer Ti) was  a Netjer in His own right, but like the other bull deities, He is considered an avatar (perhaps a projection, manifestation) of Atum (and more specifically Atum Ra)

There were three principal bull cults in Ancient Kemet, perhaps the most famous being that of Hap (Apis). This is most likely because of the spectacular burial vault we call the serapeum. The other bull cult was that of Ba Akh (Buchis).  Hap was an avatar of Ptah and later Ausar, and Ba Akh was the avatar of Montu.

I found this passage from the TourEgypt  website interesting:
When Akhenaten (originally Amenhotep IV) raised the cult of the sun to new heights, he . . . .  swore he would bury Mnevis bulls in this new city, but thus far archaeologists have not found any bull burials there. However, two Mnevis burials were found in Heliopolis, both belonging to the Ramesses dynasty. The bulls were found in individual tombs that were cut into the ground and sealed with a granite slab.
Getting the skin coloring for Mer Wer in this painting was probably my most successful feat of the whole piece - it looks black from a distance but is a blue black viewed close. Also, the medallions that form part of the background and read "beautiful Bull god / beautiful Ka, the life of Ra" turned out particularly well. As the photos presented here are from my phone they can not do the piece justice (as is always the case I find when trying to convey my work electronically).

The glyphs down the side read: Mer Wer, Hail the Ka of Atum.

The processes that brought about this painting are interesting, and will be the subject of a future writing project.

The painting has inspired an intended further 3 bull Netjer paintings. I have mentioned Hap and Ba Akh. Can anyone guess the third?

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