For Red Week: My Favourite Set Things

One of the bloggers I follow is Ekunyi (Sarytsenuwi). A Set devotee and Kemetic Orthodox lady, she is behind an online celebration to honour Set called Red Week.

For my contribution, I present below (in no particular order) My Favourite Set Things!

My favorite image of Set from antiquity

The coronation statue of Ramesses III is the only complete (so far) statue of Set from antiquity, and features Set and Heru blessing the pharaoh. I have seen this statue for real in the Cairo Museum and it is breathtaking. It is also quite large: made of granite it stands 195cm tall and 72cm wide. Joan Lansberry has written a marvelous piece about this sculpture here including some dazzling up close photos of the Set side of the work.

A favorite modern rendering of Set: Zap Tripper

I love this image created by Zap Tripper last year. He has entitled it: "The Rebel King" (read more about this piece here ) I featured a blog on Zap in 2013. I was one of 2 people that Zap dedicated the above piece to. (My other fave Zap piece can be found on said blog post too: look for the work called "Set: Lord Of the Infernal Engines").

My favorite pieces of Set bling

I had this exquisite pendant made in 2011. More about it here.

These uas studs are my fave ear pieces. They were created by Silver Spot Studio.

A favorite Set book: Images of Set by Joan Lansberry

Joan Lansberry's art, writing, and research on Set is absolutely stellar. Her website contains much of her explorations of antiquity identifying images of Set, and this book compiles everything into one neat tome. As an artist that only paints Kemetic themes with Set as one of my principal focuses, this reference work is essential for me. Be sure to check out Joan's website. I also featured a blog on Joan as part of the Pagan Blog Project.

Favorite artwork from Deviant Art artists

"Set" by Red Morpho carries the Stargate guard theme to a Set conclusion.

"I come forth" by Mr.DGray There is something about this piece I like a lot.

"Bold Set" by Hbruton One of the first images of a modern Set that I came across online that really stuck with me.

A favorite re-manifestation of Netjer today: books from the Temple Of Set

With my interest in all forms of the re-manifestation of Netjer and Kemeticism today, of course Temple Of Set has caught my eye. Whilst I am not sure that they would agree with my suggesting that they are a branch of Kemeticism (they are more a philosophy, magick and mystery school from what I am reading), I find the books produced by Dr. Aquino and especially Don Webb most compelling. I can thank Mr. Webb for starting me off in "magick", all with the flavour of Set Himself. 

My favourite Set painting created by me: Winged Set

My favorite painting featuring Set is actually one of my earliest: Winged Set. Not only is it my fave, but I believe it is one of the best of all the paintings that I have created to date. I include the image below of my working on the piece to help give you a sense of the size of it. It is quite a thing to behold.

Happy Red Week everyone!

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