Unexpected Delight

A well known Melbourne artist purchased one of my paintings last year (the only one I have sold to date under the provision that it can be included in my upcoming exhibition at a later date). You can read about that here (and here).

I visited her home today, as she is giving me some tips about galleries to visit in my forthcoming trip to New York.

I finally got to see Sokar in situ at her home, as well as the marvelous frame she had it put in.

It took me by surprise. It is the first time I have seen my work displayed other than in storage, and it was quite a feeling. Sokar looked so majestic up on the wall surrounded by native art form other cultures.

Sokar in situ at His new abode
We got to talk about technique, colour, and productivity, as well some new water based oils that she works extensively with: I saw these for the first time and want to try them!

Last year was not my most productive year for artwork, and I had been feeling weird about that.

Seeing Sokar hanging on the wall today though changed that!

Another first: seeing one of my artworks framed. And it is such a beautiful frame too.

Dua Sokar!

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